Python octane filepath

On 07/03/2017 at 04:30, xxxxxxxx wrote:

**i m tringing to get the filepath from octane render settings with python, little bit like this:

rd = doc.GetActiveRenderData()
test = rd[c4d.SET_PASSES_SAVEPATH]
print test

the result is always "none"

Does anyone know how to get the rendersettings from octane?????**

On 08/03/2017 at 02:20, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Gregoire,

welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

We (MAXON's SDK Team) don't have any experience with Octane, nor could we test anything Ocatne related, so it's probably best to ask Otoy directly.

In general Octane is certainly implemented as a VideoPost, so you will want to get the Octane VideoPost (GetFirstVideoPost(), then iterate via GetNext() until you find the correct ID with GetType()) and get the parameter from there.

In our C++ documentation we have manuals on RenderData and BaseVideoPost, which might add some additional info even for Python devs.