fusion shader insert shader()

On 06/03/2017 at 08:08, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I am having problems filling both channels of the fusion shader with python.

What I am trying to achieve is:
- Take the existing shader, if any, from the colour channel.
- Create a fusion shader
- Insert a colour shader in the blend channel
- Insert the original shader in the base channel
- Insert the fusion shader into the colour channel

I can add the colour shader & update the material with the fusion shader but when I try to add the original shader to the base channel I get the message:

"AssertionError: Found next objects. Please add them seperately"

I guess it is a syntax problem.

Here is a synapsis of my code:

existing_shader = mat[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER]
col_shader = c4d.BaseList2D(c4d.Xcolor)

fusion_shader = c4d.BaseList2D(c4d.Xfusion)

fusion_shader[c4d.SLA_FUSION_BLEND_CHANNEL] = col_shader

if existing_shader:
    fusion_shader[c4d.SLA_FUSION_BASE_CHANNEL] = existing_shader

mat[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER] = fusion_shader
mat.Update(True, True)

The error is for th eline:


On 07/03/2017 at 01:11, xxxxxxxx wrote:


any GeListNode can only be part of one single list. Before insertion into a new list, you need to remove it from the old list (existing_shader.Remove()).

On 07/03/2017 at 01:41, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks Andreas, works perfectly, I understand better now.