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Is it possible to create some timeline tools?

For exemple I want to have ToolData who paint some Ckey into a CCurve from the timeline. Is it possible? Like the EditorWindows Class but for the timeline.

Moreover is it possible to define a custom curve without adding key. Like a custom interpolation mode.
For exemple linear go from ckey 1 to Ckey2 in a linear way. I want to change this. 
ckey 1

  • Frame 1
  • Value 1


  • Frame 5
  • Value 5

So since it's in linear we can assume at frame 2 value is 2.
In my custom interpolation mode for exemple I want at frame 2 a value of 0.1 then in frame 3 a value of 10 then in frame 4 a value of -5. But frame 1 still got a value of 1 and frame 5 a value of 5.

I hoep everything is understable. Thanks you anyway ! 🙂

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there is no such thing as "timeline tools". The timeline dialog is a custom window and all interaction with that window is defined in the code of that window. There is no way to change that.

The only thing one could create are custom tracks based on CTrackData. But unfortunatly this class has some limitations that makes the implementation of user interaction difficult, see "CTrackData::Draw() Key Position".

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Hello gr4ph0s,

was your question answered?

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Sorry for the late reply.
Yes it was. It would be a nice feature to have a way for doing that. Cause if we want to add tool to the current timeline we have to recode the whole timeline.