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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 demo 
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I have ObjectData based object with dynamic description very similar to the one in official example project. One of elements in description is LONG_QUICKTAB.

Item selection works as expected but in some cases I'd like to deselect all items in it (from code). I tried to set parameter to -1 but it does nothing. Removing parameter looks wrong and selects always first item anyway.

Is there something I can use to deselect all items in it?  (the control surely supports that since if it is used in GeDialog function QuickTabCustomGui::Select can do it).

Thank you.

PS: if you need example - in official example project, file objectdata_descriptions.cpp, function ObjectDynamicDescription::SetParameter. If it works there it will work in my project too.

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Hi Miro,

unfortunately that's not possible. The "LONG_QUICKTAB", actually ID_QUICKTABSRADIO_GADGET CustomGUI, used in the objectdata_descriptions.cpp is a special widget for Long/Int parameters and always has one tab selected. It's not possible to deselect all tabs, the parameter only accepts values of existing tabs.
The QuickTabCustomGui shown in the gedialog_gadgets.cpp example is a different widget.

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I see, thank you anyway.
I'll use some workaround like extra value 'Custom' or something like that if other values don't fit.