SetModelingAxis() Example Is Outdated [SOLVED]

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The docs are still using the outdated ToolData for the SetModelingAxis() example instead of BasePlugin.
Here's how I'm doing it in R13.

//This is a custom method that changes the Axis tool's attributes  
//Select a polygon or point then look at the modeling axis tool's pallet  
//When this method is executed it changes the axis mode to free  
void SetToolData(BaseDocument *doc, LONG pluginid, LONG dataid, const GeData &dat)  
  BasePlugin *plug = static_cast<BasePlugin*>(FindPlugin(pluginid, PLUGINTYPE_TOOL));  
  if (!plug) return;  
  plug->SetParameter(DescID(dataid), dat, DESCFLAGS_SET_0);  
//Call the above method like this from in one of you plugin's overridden methods  


On 02/01/2017 at 03:08, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi ScottA, thanks for writing us.

We're grate for spotting out this on our documentation. We've marked it and going to modify the documentation hopefully within the next update cycle.

Best, Riccardo