Can I distribute a packaged version of the C4D SDK

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I want to setup CI for Cinema 4D plugins, and for that I need a way to build the Cinema 4D SDK on the
CI server. For that, I wrote a script that extracts only the files of the Cinema 4D SDK, so it won't have to
unpack a full installation of Cinema 4D on the server.

I was wondering if I can store packaged versions of these SDK-only files on my server and make
them publicly available, or whether that violates with any kind of license agreement.


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Hi Niklas, thanks for writing us.

From your request it seems that your continuous integration server is going to be publicly accessed and will expose the Cinema SDK publicly as well. Is this guess correct? Could you please better circumstantiate the final intent in order to properly address this request to our Legal Department and check if any breach in terms of license agreement arise?

Best, Riccardo

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Hi knickknack,

I'm mainly concerned about open source plugins that will be built an an open CI platform. The main issue
is about providing compressed archives of the Cinema 4D SDK source code.  I've created this script that
extracts all the files necessary into a separate folder.

It would be convenient if I were allowed to make compressed versions of these archives (containing
solely the .h and .cpp files of the Cinema 4D SDK, the included VS and XCode project files as well as the
.h and .res files of description resources). If that is permitted, I would not need to worry about building
plugins on a public CI platform, as I can just grab the Cinema 4D SDK from a publicly accessible URL.

I can send you some of these archives for you to examine if you want. I'd just like to put them online
on a public server for everyone that needs it to be able to access them.

Kind regards,

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Hi Niklas,

the topic is under review of our Legal Department and due to the imminent holiday season, a final answer might take longer than usual.

Best, Riccardo

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Thank you Riccardo, I am looking forward to the reply.

I wish you merry holidays.


On 12/01/2017 at 06:42, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Riccardo, any news from the Legal Department?


On 13/01/2017 at 01:19, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Niklas, unfortunately there's not yet an answer from the Legal guys. It's my commitment to come back to you as soon as I got fresh news.

Best, R

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Good morning Niklas,

first of all, I strongly apologize for getting back with an answer with such a  great delay but considering the topic relevance the discussion has been brought back and forth the involved departments and making the time scaling up easily.

In the end, to answer your question, we are not going to make any portion as well as the whole Cinema SDK publicly available via 3rd parties. Cinema API will remain available only through official MAXON packages, installers and servers.

Best, Riccardo