Add IK tag via Python Script

On 16/12/2016 at 14:46, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Been searching for quite a while now and I can't find any way to add an IK tag to an object via python.  The only thing I've found is a 6 year old thread where it was indicated that a whole bunch of module tags were "left out" and just use the ID retrieved from the script log after adding one manually.

Problems with that, currently:

1.  They never added the missing tags (that's some crazy oversight right there!).
2.  The tag id for the IK tag is (100004788, 50032)... python isn't liking the subid and keeps throwing errors.

Other than changing my active object selection and doing a CallCommand what options do I have?


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Working fine

A better way for knowing ID is to create one on any object. Open the consol and jsut grab this tag to the console and press enter, you will have the following line appear (it's work with everything in c4d !)
<c4d.BaseTag object called 'IK/IK' with ID 1019561 at 0x000001F4584F3A30>

So you got the ID ! 🙂

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Ah, yes! Forgot about grabbing the ID from the console!