Create presets for my own plugin.

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Hello there,

Is it possible to create presets for my own plugin?

Let me explain: I want with a simple click run my plugin using for example the command "c4d.CallCommand(plugin_id)" then pre-fill all the dialog parameters then validate all.


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I'm not sure I'm completely following. Maybe you need to explain in a bit more detail, what you want to achieve.

In general the values of your dialog are to be set in GeDialog.InitValues(). Where you get the value set you want from, is on you. For example, if you made sure, there's only one dialog and it is directly connected to your CommandData (which is usually the case, and demonstrated in the examples), there's nothing wrong with passing data to the dialog via a global variable.
And for different presets you could perhaps use command sub-ids. See CommandData.GetSubContainer()  and CommandData.ExecuteSubID() for this. But I'm really not sure, this is what you are heading at.

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I want to create a platform (dialog external to my plugin) with multiple presets.
in this platform I have multiple button, every button correspond to one preset. to run a preset I press on one of buttons.

**Exemple preset :

** Press button 1 or preset 1 = all the actions below :
1 -  Run plugin "Texel Bake" using c4d.CallCommand(TexelBake_ID) see the screenshot below

2 - Check the Unfractured and Add Rigid Body box then set the subdivision to 3 value
3 - Press the Bake Now button.

I hope that is clear.


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Hm, well, so what information are you missing exactly? I think, the info from my last post should enable you to achieve this. Or maybe I still haven't got the point.