Way to select tool when select an object

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I created a thread as asked in the thread => https://plugincafe.maxon.net/topic/9829/13235_interaction-tag-change-tool

But I will re-explain what I want to achieve.
I want to change the action depending of the key pressed during the selection on an object.
I firstly thinked about interaction tag. But we can't change the actual doc so we can't change the current action.

I thinked about 2 plugin. One tag plugin wich allow to select which object will react like that and maybe allow user to change the action ID.
And another message plugin which gonna look for MSG_EDIT for know the change on the document (aka selection change maybe there is another way for know it).Or just a timer to check if the selection as changed... Then check if the current object selected got the tag and then change the action.
But I still don't know how to know which key are pressed during the selection...

So my ask is what is the best way for doing what I want to do?

Btw I'm not sticky to python if the only way is C++ then it's ok but I prefer to code it in python.

Thanks in advance.
EDIT: Looking a bit the c++ sdk and a scene hook + tag plugin for define which one seem to be a good solution.

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MSG_EDIT is sent to a NodeData based plugin when the user double-clicks on the icon. It has nothing to do with scene changes (see NodeData::Message() Manual).

The core message EVMSG_CHANGE is sent when something changed (when EventAdd() was called). You can catch this message in a GeDialog or MessageData plugin to check the scene when it was changed (see Core Messages Manual).

One can check what key is currently pressed by using GetInputState().

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