active render data not selected

On 29/11/2016 at 06:54, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi All,

Currently i'm using these lines to create new render data.

renderData = c4d.documents.RenderData()

This works really well and the render data is active but it is not selected. So when I go into my render settings I can see that the new one is active but it shows me the previous render settings.
Is there a way to select the active render settings via the python script? I tried the doc.SetAllBits(c4d.BIT_ACTIVERENDERDATA) but this doesn't do anything.

Thanx in advance

On 30/11/2016 at 10:45, xxxxxxxx wrote:


the selection state (orange highlighting) of render settings is influenced via SetBit(). Unfortunately there's no ID/name exposed for this bit in the SDK. It is bit 0x08.

Just like everything else we reveal from internal implementations, use this at your own risk and be prepared, that the bit might change at some point in future (not that I knew about any plans). Also please do not use the value-wise identical BIT_ENABLEPAINT, while it would work, it would be equally wrong. Rather have a constant of your of, e.g. BIT_SELECTRENDERDATA.