noise scale,frequency,seed [SOLVED]

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so far I used the noise node in xpresso which has (among other inputs) "scale", "frequency" and "seed" as input ports.

When using "c4d.utils.noise.Noise" I can only input a noise coordinate. How do I have to modify the noise coordinate in order to change scale,freq and seed ?


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c4d.utils.noise.Noise is just a primitive noise that is not used inside the Xpresso Noise node.

The Noise node wraps around Turbulence, WavyTurbulence, Fmb and SNoise, so the noise you are looking for is SNoise.

The "scale" parameter is no independent input value but is multiplied with the coordinates. Also "Frequency" and "seed" are no independent input values but are multiplied with the given time.

Notice there is also the class c4d.utils.noise.C4DNoise.

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Thanks Sebastian !