bug with subdivision surface?

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There seems to be a bug with my Cinema 4D.

When I create a cube and apply a subdivision surface to it, the cube remains intact and does not change into a sphere. I have seem many videos tutorials showing that this function should work immediately: normally the cube turns into a sphere and the original cube appears as an orange frame around the sphere. In my case it is only when I make the subdivision surface editable that the cube turns into a sphere, but then the orange frame appears around the sphere and I lose the ability to easily make cuts with the knife tool.

I am unable to work around this problem and would greatly appreciate your immediate help so that I can meet my animation delivery deadline.

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I'm afraid you are in the wrong place, this forum is for support with plugin development. But my guess would be that you have turned off the SDS mesh - see the Filter menu in the viewport and be sure that 'SDS Mesh' has a tick against it.


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Hi Gazelle,

welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

Steve is right, you ended up in the wrong forum. And he's probably also right with the solution to your problem.

Such questions are generally better asked directly at our support, or in forums like CGTalk, CGCafe or alike (those two are just the ones I read personally, they are no official suggestion from MAXON).