Get string value of combo box children

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I have a dynamic combo box that is filled with string values.

For example:

AddChild(MY_COMBOBUTTON, CUBE, "Cube")      
AddChild(MY_COMBOBUTTON, SPHERE, "Sphere" ) 

How can I get the string value of for example the second child.
In this case Sphere?

GetString(MY_COMBOBUTTON) or GetString(SPHERE) just gives the numeric string value of the child.

Of course I can do it by "redo" the dynamic fill, but I would think that there is a way to get the string value of the combo box child.

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it's not possible to get the strings from a ComboBox dialog gadget. Instead I'd go the other way round. Have an array or list with the strings to be used in the ComboBox and use the array index as ID of the children. Then you can simply use the value of the ComboBox to go back into your array and get your string.

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Yes, that is what I am doing, but I thought I could use the storage of the combobox.

Thanks, Pim