Trouble calling xparticles function

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I did post this on the xparticles forum, but that post has only 10 views and no replies in the past five days, so I thought I'd try my luck here.

I'm having trouble calling the FindClosest() function in the Neighbor class. I'm not too familiar with OOP, but I think I did this right. However, when I print-to-console what should be the list returned by the function, only a zero is printed. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or if this function is just not supported right now? Here's the relevant code I have:

import xparticles
emitter = doc.SearchObject("xpEmitter")
emitter = xparticles.ToEmitter(emitter) 
count = emitter.GetAliveCount()
r = 50
for p in xrange(count) :
    xp = emitter.GetParticle(p)
    p_pos = xp.GetPosition()
    neighbor = xparticles.Neighbor()
    near = neighbor.FindClosest(p_pos, r)


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unfortunately we (the SDK Team) have no information about XParticles, so we need to leave this question up to the community. Sorry.