Set List of Objects to show in Attribute Manager

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In my plugin, I have a button that will select a singular object from the plugin and set the Attribute Manager to display it's properties. I do that via ActiveObjectManager_SetObject

Now I was wanting to add a button(based on user feedback) that would select ALL the objects listed in the plugin and show the attributes in the AM to edit them all simultaneously(They would all be markers).

However, that function above only takes in a single object, not a list of objects.

How can I make the AM display multiple selected objects?

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the better approach is to simply select the objects in question.
You can do this by simply calling SetBit() with BIT_ACTIVE. Don't forget to call EventAdd(), when you are done selecting objects.

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Hey Andreas,

Doing that does not seem put the information into the Attribute Manager. I have tried both SetBit with c4d.BIT_ACTIVE, and I've also tried doc.SetSelection.

Is there a particular EventAdd() flag I am supposed use?

I have a list of markers and I want to select each one in that list, so what I had done was:

            print marks
            for id, mark in enumerate(marks) :
                if id==0:
                    self.doc.SetSelection(mark, c4d.SELECTION_NEW)
                    self.doc.SetSelection(mark, c4d.SELECTION_ADD)

but it's not working.

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Hello Bret,

well, for me it worked quite nicely here. No, no special flags needed on EventAdd(), not even EVENT_FORCEREDRAW.

Looking at your code, I'm wondering if we are talking about objects in the sense of BaseObject or some other kind of objects (in the sense of BaseList2D derived entities)?
Also, what kind of plugin are you implementing (CommandData, ObjectData,...)?
And in what function of your plugin are you using above code?

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It is a commandData plugin, and this is under my def Command section. It is supposed to trigger when a button is clicked in my UI.

They are not Objects in the BaseObject sense, they are Markers which are BaseList2D objects.

As I mentioned in my first post, I have other buttons in my UI that allow you to access a single marker in the Attribute Manager, but I have another button that I would like to not only select each one and put all the attributes in the Attribute Manager at once, but also select them in the timeline.

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Ah, sorry, I overlooked the "(They would all be markers)". Yep, that may indeed work a little different. I'll look into it tomorrow.

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This should make the question clearer.
The selection status for markers can be done with bits. But the attributes won't show up unless you physically click on one of them:

import c4d  
def main() :  
  marker = c4d.documents.GetFirstMarker(doc)    
  #Select all of the makers  
  while(marker) :   
      marker.ChangeNBit(c4d.NBIT_TL1_SELECT, c4d.NBITCONTROL_SET)         
      #marker.ChangeNBit(c4d.NBIT_TL1_SELECT, c4d.NBITCONTROL_CLEAR)          
      marker = marker.GetNext()  
###### At this point the AM pallet does not show the attributes for the selected markers ######  
  c4d.EventAdd(c4d.EVENT_FORCEREDRAW)  #<-- does not work  
  c4d.EventAdd()    <---does not work  
  #In many cases. The AM can be forced to show up like this  
  #But in this case it does not work  
  c4d.SendCoreMessage(c4d.COREMSG_CINEMA, c4d.BaseContainer(c4d.COREMSG_CINEMA_FORCE_AM_UPDATE))  
  #Bret tried to force it to refesh using something like this:  
  did = c4d.DescID(c4d.TLMARKER_TIME)  
#None of these work.   
#The AM pallet for the markers refuses to show itself without physically clicking on one of them!!  
if __name__=='__main__':  


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Hi Bret,

as I said yesterday, I was on the completely wrong track in my first post. Sorry, for that.
Scott already pointed out the correct bit to use in order to select markers (note, that there are four of these for the four Timeline Managers that can be opened in parallel). And as Scott also found out, none of his ways works to have multiple selected markers shown in Attribute Manager. I played around with it today and I'm very sorry, but I also wasn't able to find a workaround.
What really is missing here in Python is ActiveObjectManager_SetObjects() (note the additional s in the end) from the C++ API. We have added it to our list of missing Python functions and will hopefully be able to provide it with one of the future updates.

I know, we are in the Python sub-forum, but just for completeness in C++ it would work like so:

		AutoAlloc<AtomArray> arr;
		BaseList2D* marker = GetFirstMarker(doc);
		if (!marker || !arr)
			return true;
		while (marker)
			marker = marker->GetNext();
		ActiveObjectManager_SetObjects(ACTIVEOBJECTMODE_TIMELINE, arr, 0);

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Rats. That's unfortunate it's missing. Thanks for the help.

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Any news on the addition of the ActiveObjectManager_SetObjects() function in python?

As a workaround.. Is there maybe an undocumented way to call c++ functions from python?

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unfortunately ActiveObjectManager_SetObjects() did not make it in R19 SP1. It's not forgotten and slowly moves to the top of our ToDo list.

@gr4ph0s: You may have overlooked the "s" or thought it's a typo, but there's indeed another function ActiveObjectManager_SetObjects() in the C++ SDK, which is currently not yet exposed to Python.

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-- EDIT--
Andreas already answered while I was tying this post.. sorry 😉

Nice to hear it is not forgotten and will be eventually in one of the next Updates.

[email protected]:
The Link you provided points to c4d.gui.ActiveObjectManager_SetObject () which can only show one object. I was referring to the c++ function c4d.gui.ActiveObjectManager_SetObject s () ( notice the trailing 's' ) which is able to show an array of objects in the object manager. This function was mentioned above by Andreas.

Just to be sure I tried calling the function you mentioned with an array, which, sure enough, resulted in a "TypeError: argument 2 must be c4d.Atom, not list"~~

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Sorry to have bring false hope. I missed the "s".