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Cinema 4D Version:   R18 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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Is it possible to select and deselect Description groups via code ?
As if someone clicked them.

I need to do this in MaterialData's GetDDescription.

Thank you for your time.

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I'm afraid, I do not fully understand your request. Sorry!
What do you mean with select and deselect Description groups?
Are you talking about parameter groups with a foldable bar on top?
If so, then it's not possible, see this thread.

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A default C4D material has the following groups visible by default: Basic, Color, Reflectance, Illumination, Editor and Assign.

My MaterialData has 3-4 top groups of parameters (basic, group1, group2, group3).
Nothing is hidden, so the group list shows all 4 of them.
I want to click a button on group 1 and automatically make group1 unselected and group2 selected, as if I simply clicked group2.

I am not referring to collapsible groups such as Layer Color and Layer Mask in Reflectance group of C4D material.

Thank you.

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Ah, I see.
No, this is not possible, either. Sorry.
These states is handled inside of the different dialogs/CustomGUIs, after all you can have multiple views on the same material (Material Editor and multiple Attribute Managers), which all have different states and show different views of the same material.