DESCFLAGS_SET parameters and access violation

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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I have a scenario in which a tag data plugin is applied to an object.
I get access violation when I try to copy a filename parameter from the TagData to the object in Read method of that TagData.

Here is the code:

GeData from_data;
tag->GetParameter(FILENAME_PARAM, from_data, DESCFLAGS_GET_0);
object->SetParameter(LIGHT_PHOTOMETRIC_FILE, from_data, DESCFLAGS_SET_0);

The object and the tag belong to an Xref object.
Nevertheless, when I use DESCFLAGS_SET_PARAM_SET instead of DESCFLAGS_SET_0, I don't get the crash.

The object I'm referring to is a light object and the filename parameter I try to set is the photometric one.
I have seen this:

Could you please give me some hints regarding the DESCFLAGS_SET values and when to use them as parameters ? (Any documentation or example would be much appreciated).

I have used DESCFLAGS_SET_0 and DESCFLAGS_GET_0 almost everywhere and I didn't have a problem.

Thank you.

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Edit: I got all the information i needed regarding the GetDParameter and SetDParameter from

Now what's left to solve is why I get the access violation on light_object.SetParameters(...).
The issue appears only when the object belongs to a separate project file and i retrieve it via Xref.

thnx again.

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so far I could not reproduce an access violation or any other error based on your description. Please notice that by default a Xref prevents anyone from changing the imported objects, including any tags. So your tag might only be able to change the parameter when you make parameters editable (see documentation).

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