GetDataInstance and GetParameter in TagData Read

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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I have a filename parameter, which I try to retrieve in Read method (TagData plugin).

Here is the code using GetDataInstance and GetParameter

BaseContainer* tag_data = tag->GetDataInstance();
String filename = tag_data->GetFilename(FILENAME_PARAM).GetString();
GeData ge_data;
String filename = ge_data.GetFilename().GetString();

The first filename gets the value correctly, while the second filename string appears empty.
Why GetParameter doesn't return the value correctly ?

Thank you.

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you are using DESCFLAGS_GET_PARAM_GET, which is the flag for saying, the parameter got read successfully. Can you please try, if the problem persists, if you use DESCFLAGS_GET_0 instead?

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Using DESCFLAGS_GET_0 returns the correct value. So I assume that whenever I want to read a parameter, I have to use DESCFLAGS_GET_0 right ?
When am I supposed to use DESCFLAGS_GET_PARAM_GET ?

Thank you for your time.

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DESCFLAGS_GET_PARAM_GET is used inside GetDParameter() to mark the successful retrieval of the parameter. You don't pass it into GetParameter().

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I didn't know that. I assume SET_PARAM_SET does the same right (in SetDParameter)?


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Yes. Sorry, I got disturbed, while posting. I actually wanted to mention this in my post.

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Even worse, I forgot to post the links to our documentation.
Manuals on GetDParameter() and SetDParameter() and here the API reference: GetDParameter() and SetDParameter().