redraw problem with deformer

On 12/09/2016 at 16:00, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi all,

I'm struggling with the following simple scenario:

- simple plane polygon object
- deformed by bend deformer
- material is assigned to the plane, limited by a selection tag

Now I increase the selection by selecting a few more polygons and clicking "set selection". The selection tag has been successfully updated with the new polygons ... BUT the material isn't updated on these new polygons in the viewport. Only disabling the bend deformer and re-enabling it updates the material properly in the viewport.

Also "view > redraw" updates the material properly.

These "update procedures" are only necessary while any deformer is involved.

How can I achieve the correct viewport update using python ? So far I've tried this:


... without any success :-(

Can anyone help ?


On 13/09/2016 at 09:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Jens,

I'd regard this behavior a bug in Cinema 4D. And we would probably have to find the cause first, before we could provide a workaround.
But my problem is, I can't reproduce your behavior. I tested in R16, R17 and R18.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
- created a plane
- made it editable
- added a bend deformer with some strength bending the plane
- switched to poly mode, selected some poly and created a selection tag
- created default material, assigned it to plane and restricted it with selection tag
- selected some more polygons and clicked Set Selection
The additional polygons immediately showed the assigned material in the viewport.

Which version of Cinema 4D are you using?
Anything else I need to do to reproduce?

On 13/09/2016 at 09:25, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Ok, Sebastian just called me and told me, what I was missing. I need to deselect the object to see deformed result and there indeed the additionally selected polygons do not show the material assignment.

So forget my previous post. Sorry for the confusion.
This indeed should be regarded as a bug and I will try to find the cause with the goal to provide (hopefully) a workaround. While I'm doing so, I'd suggest that you report this to our support using the support form.

On 13/09/2016 at 15:10, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Andreas,

thank you for taking the time to reproduce the described behaviour. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I enabled the "deformed editing" switch (mode > view settings > display > deformed editing), so with this option you can see the error no matter what you had selected.

The c4d version I'm using is R17.053

For the time being I'm just changing any option of the texture tag of the deformed object back and forth using python - this updates the material as expected. Not elegant but at least it works :-)

Nevertheless I will report the bug using the support form.

Thanks again and best regards,