A little utility and interoperability library

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 up 
Platform:   Windows  ;   Mac OSX  ; 
Language(s) :     C++  ;

Hello fellow developers,

some time ago - and this actually means a few years - I started experimenting with the STL and the Eigen library for Cinema 4D plugins.This happened mostly because I still want so support the old R14 api. But there are some things I miss, like proper unique_ptr and container classes. I find the STL so good that I don't want to roll my own any more.

It is not just for R14 though. It works on R17 as well.

I figure sharing the code as stand-alone library on GitHub might be interesting.

Pull requests are welcome.

There are things I want to add later on:
* Some documentation ... rather soon. There is actually not so much to document yet.
* Various ToString conversions.
* Scanning of Base Containers.
* Simple threading tools. Already have the latter three somewhere else.
* Math constant replacements defined by constexpr.
* More/better glue to the Eigen lib.


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Hi Michael,

thanks for sharing this with the community.