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Hello all, I was wondering if there is a say to make additional scripts folders. Specifically, I want to have a shared scripts folder over a network so that all our artist can be connected to a single updatable scripts folder. I was looking into the C4D_PLUGS_DIR and the C4D_BROWSERLIBS global variable was not having luck getting it to work with scripts. Does anyone know if that or any other technique I can get this to work. Thank you everyone in advanced.

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there are no built-in means to move the scripts folder to another location. Sorry.
But I do like the idea and forwarded it to our product management.

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Bummer seems like something that should be easily customizable and would be super useful for small and big studios. Thanks for the quick response Andreas! :D

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Well, as I said, I have already forwarded the idea to product management and it is already being looked into.

A completely C4D independent solution could be soft links (not those Windows shortcuts, but real soft links). So you would have a scripts directory on some network drive available (and mounted) to all your C4D workplaces. And in every C4D installation you replace the scripts directory by a soft link pointing to the script directory on the network drive.
One word of caution though, not all systems like it equally well if the target of such a soft link disappears (so if the server with the network drive gets shut down). Also you should probably make sure, the files aren't written in parallel from multiple sides. Though C4D tries to establish proper locking, this may not always succeed, depending on the file system on the network drive and there's nothing really C4D can do about this then (it might not even know).

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But I do like the idea and forwarded it to our product management.

Second that and at best also for browser libraries and maybe even plugins.

I'd like it in a way like with the additional texture paths that can be defined in the settings.

The usual default paths should of course still be valid beyond.
(Also like it works with the texture paths.)

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Working across a Mac Pro and a MacBook, I use Symbolic links to reference all of those types of folders (Scripts & Plugins etc) from dropbox. I just work on the files on Dropbox and all of the files are referenced on both machines. Works great!