Output File path for the batch rendered asset

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I am developing a plugin using python sdk. I want to get the path and name of the output file created after rendering is complete using a python sdk method. Is this possible?

I have tried the methods provided in class c4d.documents.batchrender and was not able to get the desired result.

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I'm afraid there is no dedicated function that would return the final file name of a rendering result. Instead you have to access the render settings of the rendered scene yourself and construct the final file name(s) based on these settings.

You can access the RenderData with BaseDocument.GetActiveRenderData(). Then you can read the file name parameter and construct the finale file name accordingly. If the file name uses tokens you have to replace these tokens using the token API (see Token System).

A more detailed description of the RenderData class can be found in the C++ documentation: RenderData Manual.

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