How does the PMO file format work?

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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I've got a request from a client to write a utility that effectively converts DAZ style morphs (*.dsf, which is a reasonably well documented JSON based file format) into C4D style morphs (*.pmo, which is what the Pose Morph tag can load).

Problem is...

There is zero documentation about the PMO file format. Anywhere. The only documents I can find about any of the C4D file formats date back from 1997, and those are apparently for the *.c4d files, not *.pmo.

So I was wondering...

Does anyone know how the PMO format works? Is it supported by Melange somehow? The only references I can find to it in the Melange documented are marked "private" (which isn't very helpful...). Is the PMO file format a subset of the C4D file format?

Ideally, I'd like to keep this thing as a separate command line utility (rather than a plugin for C4D), because the client has explicitly requested that I convert DSF -> PMO directly (instead of importing into C4D, then having to manually save out the PMO files in the Pose Morph tag one by one).


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in general the PMO files are HyperFiles, so it would be possible to read them via Melange. But that of course doesn't help much, as you still don't know the structure of the stored data. Currently I'm not sure, we will make this information public (PMO was never thought as an exchange format), but I'm checking it out and will get back you as soon as I have more information.