CentiLeo for C4D released out-of-core GPU renderer

On 26/08/2016 at 17:50, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Dear C4D community!

I am pleased to tell that we have released CentiLeo GPU renderer for C4D R16 and R17:

It has interactive preview render (IPR) which comminicates with C4D modelling of geometry, instances, materials, shaders and lights, i.e. if no bugs it reacts to everything fluently in realtime.

CentiLeo is very fast unbiased engine based on GPU acceleration with fast geometry and texture processing even when their size exceeds available GPU VRAM. With this technology you can simply extend your GPU memory with RAM and it's a very valuable thing I hope. Ok, in reality we have pushed GPU memory limits very far away  thanks to efficient rendering data flow organization.

Not only for large scenes CentiLeo is also very fast for small every day fitting to GPU scenes. It has own powerfull shading and lighting system with many creativity options, AOVs, displacement mapping and adaptive path tracing which can be valuable for DoF effects. Significantly more production features and polishing existing features are expected in the coming months and we still have to make better shader GUI and more understanding of existing C4D assets. Right now only Cinema lights and diffuse textures of materials are translated and everything related to geometry.

We tried to make things easy to use, but scalable and powerful for future. Some things are yet in heavy development and will be available soon.

Would be happy to see a couple of your tests too!

I must say great thanks to C4D SDK support team! You are great!  Thangks to Sebastian, to Andreas and also to Mohamed and others who helped me with few issues. Good to get your advices! See you solving other problems.

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you are welcome and we are glad, we were able to help :slightly_smiling_face:
Congratulations for your release. We hope it will be a success.

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Thank you :)
People already critisize my custom buttons in material UI for creating shaders.

There will likely be a come back to the SHADERLINKs and further investigation with wrong  recieving update messages for linking shaders to deeper levels of shader tree in case where several shader levels are unrolled using SHADERLINK button functionality.