MSVCR120 Error

On 11/08/2016 at 15:28, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello all,

I have a plugin that was developed a couple of months ago to work on R16 and R17. The plugin was made using Visual Studio 2013, based off the R16 SDK. I attached several dll files in the "Additional Include Directories" so that the plugin could be used on other Windows machines without having to install Visual Studios.

The plugin has been functioning correctly on all of the Windows computers its been installed on  except for one. It's a Windows 7 computer using R16 and having the plugin installed prevents Cinema from even opening. Instead of opening it only gives an error message saying "The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer."

I had dealt with this problem when I was first coding the plugin and I had solved the issue on a test machine that didn't have Visual Studio installed by including the necessary dll files. After getting it to work on the test computer I hadn't run into this problem again until this new computer. Installing the plugin on other new computers hasn't given the error message.

I've recreated the plugin in an attempt to fix the problem but this wasn't successful. I've used the program Depends to check the modules and it has said that all of the necessary modules are included with the plugin, including MSVCR120.dll.

Has anyone else encountered a problem like this or have any suggestion to deal with it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Johan. H

On 12/08/2016 at 02:38, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Johan,

I think, this is related to Microsoft's C++ Redistributable packages for VS2013 missing on the Win 7 machine.
If that's not the case, you will probably need to provide more details. For example which external dlls are you using (if any). Are you trying to do a 32-Bit build (those build targets erroneously made it into the R16 project files)?

You said, you added dll files to "Additional Include Directories" so that the plugin could be used on other Windows machines. Not sure, what that's supposed to mean. The "Additional Include Directories" influence only the build process in VS. It can't have an influence on running the plugin on other machines. And also .dll files do not belong in there. There you should add only the directories containing header files, that might be needed by some external dlls you are using (which then might imply necessary changes to the linker settings, so that these external dlls are referenced/linked correctly).

Please also note, that we recommend to use VS2012 for R16 and can't really provide support for other IDE versions.