MULTISTRING syntax highlighting

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I can set the PYTHON flag in a STRING element with a MULTISTRING customgui to get python code highlighting etc.

Now I am wondering is there a flag for COFFEE highlighting as well? (The obvious answer would be the flags exhibited here: but these don't work)
Also is there a flag to get rid of the status bar introduced by PYTHON (displaying line, pos info)?

What other flags can be set for that matter? Unfortunately C4D Developer Help reference page is offline so I cannot look it up there.


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Btw this is all concerning the resource file definition (not in code).

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Hi Samir,

there's a difference for descriptions and dialogs.
In a description a STRING gadget with CUSTOMGUI MULTILINE provides highlighting only for Python. And there are no means to switch of the status bar. Other supported flags: READONLY, WORDWRAP and SCALE_V.

For dialogs there's the CustomGUI MULTILINEEDIT, which supports highlighting for Python and COFFEE (SYNTAXCOLOR). It's status bar can be switched on and off (STATUSBAR).

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Thanks for clearing this up Andreas. That solves it then.

As a side note: I always wondered why there was this difference between description and dialog elements when it's basically all based on the same customgui (as this is not the only gui element with such differing options). Never understood that.

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Hi Samir,

unfortunately I have no satisfying explanation for the differences between descriptions and dialogs. Probably historic reasons...