Extending Python - Pass Variable Parameter?

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Is it possible to create a python extension function that takes an integer for the first parameter, and then a variable parameter for a second parameter, like I can do with a coffee extension function?

For instance if I want the first parameter to be an ID, and then the second parameter to be either a bool, integer or float. Is that possible?

Cactus Dan

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OK, never mind. I took an educated guess and it worked perfectly:

LONG id;
GeData gdata;
const CHAR *kwlist[] = {"integer", "gedata", NULL};
if(!pylib.ParseTupleAndKeywords(args, keywords, "iG", kwlist, &id, &gdata)) return pylib.ReturnPyFALSE();
if(gdata.GetType() != DA_LONG && gdata.GetType() != DA_REAL) return pylib.ReturnPyFALSE();

The last line checks the type, so the function only accepts a bool, int or float (a bool is actually an int). 😉

Cactus Dan

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Yes, using a GeData is the way to go in Python to parse a parameter that can be of various types.

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Well, the educated guess was mainly in the use of the string "gedata". I sort of knew that a GeData was the way to go.

That's why I asked in the other thread if you could post a complete list of parameters for the different types. 😉

Cactus Dan