How to Determine if an Object Supports Effectors?

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What is the best practice to check to see if an object is a MoGraph object and supports effectors? I'm currently manually building a list of object ID's and checking against that.

def is_cloner(obj) :   
    CLONER_IDS = [   
        1018544, # Cloner   
        1018545, # Matrix   
        1018791, # Fracture   
        1018957, # MoInstance   
        1019268, # MoText   
        1018655, # Tracer   
        440000054 # MoSpline   
    if obj.GetType() in CLONER_IDS:   
        return True   
    return False   

This works fine until a new cloner object is introduced (like the new Voronoi Fracture), at which point my plugin doesn't behave as expected and I have to add the new ID and push out an update to all users. Is there a method in the mograph module for checking this?


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Hi Donovan,

all these objects are an instance of Obasemogen. Just note, this is also true for the PolyFX, but as it takes effectors as well, it's probably even a desired side effect.

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Perfect. Thank you!

"""Is it a MoGraph Generator?   
import c4d   
from c4d import gui   
#Welcome to the world of Python   
def main() :   
    if not op:   
    if op.IsInstanceOf(c4d.Obasemogen) :   
        print op.GetName() + " is a MoGraph Generator!"   
        print op.GetName() + "is not a MoGraph Generator."   
if __name__=='__main__':   

It seems like "Obasemogen" isn't documented in the Python SDK, so I'd suggest adding it.