Add Data to Cycle

On 30/07/2016 at 14:14, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi everybody ! :D
I got a litlle problem for adding new data to a cycle button.
Its a tag then I go through a res file (here is the probleme since without a norma GeDialog is easy to do ^^).
My goal is to have a dynamic cycle data fetched with a json file.

Here is my github project in the actual state (it will be more easier for you for testing ^^)
In RefractiveIndex.pyp look for line 123 its here I tried some s**t for making it working :p

I'm currently asking if a tag is a good choice but since we can't have a proper splineGUI in GeDialog(I mean we can't copy spline data to another SplineControl by doing right click => Copy and paste on the other SplieGUI.)

If someone got a solution I would love him !!! :D

Thanks in advance ! :)

On 01/08/2016 at 08:11, xxxxxxxx wrote:


it is currently not possible in Python to dynamically change the content of a Cycle box, as you'd need to implement GetDDescription() (link to C++ docs, as it's not available in Python, yet).
Good news is, with R18 Python will be extended for dynamic descriptions.
Until then you maybe could work around this using a User Data Cycle box.

On 01/08/2016 at 09:28, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks for the answer Andreas.

Btw using UD is not the cleaner way since we can't rename UD tab but it will work as excepted.

Just to be sure its actually not possible to manually copy spline data in a GeDialog?(it will be nice in the future to be able to do this and I guess it's not too hard to implement ^^)

Thanks you anyway :)

On 02/08/2016 at 02:36, xxxxxxxx wrote:


I never said using User Data would be the cleaner way. I just mentioned it as a possible workaround, as long as you don't have another option in Python.