How to give your gui GeDialog its own color?

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Hi guys, Its been a long time i have not post in a while lol.
I am trying to change my plugin main BG color Interface? any ideas.
Also I look on  GeDialog.GetColorRGB(colorid) and GeDialog.SetDefaultColor(id, colorid, color) , 
but i think thats more on gui elements like buttons , but not dealing with buttons,because if thats the case , how u use it in the code, or  is there a example out there onine. Cry


Its been a long time i have not post in a while lol.

Any Ideas, that will be appreciative guys,

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Hi Ashton,

good to have you back.
First of all, I have some concerns introducing a custom dialog style. I think, users prefer a uniform and consistent look and feel. But in the end it's of course your own decision.

For standard UI elements (buttons, sliders,...) there's no way to change the look for just a single dialog. Nor is it possible to change the background color of just a single dialog.

If you really want to do something like this, you can create a dialog with one or more GeUserArea. In these you can draw anything you want and if these span the entire dialog, you can even have your own background. Of course you'd have to implement all needed UI elements yourself in these GeUserAreas.
Another option could be to use BitmapButtonCustomGui, if you only need custom buttons.

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Thanks Andreas , :slightly_smiling_face:
It sucks how you cant have a full control of the scheme BG color.

But have to live with that lol. And what do you think on how it look,

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:,
AP Ashton

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Looks nice, but as mentioned before, I'm one of those guys, preferring a consistent look and feel in an application. Just personal taste, I hope you don't mind.
Another thing you might want to consider: The amount of space the dialog needs, when being docked into the layout.

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hi Andreas, 
i just want to share this with you and thanks a lot. i Call it Nubo Generator. I hope you like.:slightly_smiling_face:
Link for it :