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I just wanted to check whether there's a possibility that a 32-bit version of the Melange library is available currently. I've noticed that back in 2013 there were both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available. Is there any specific reason for the removal of the 32-bit library? We want to make use of Melange to support importing of .c4d files in our application, but unfortunately it is a win32 application and refuses to link with the Melange library. Is there any way forward?

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with R15 Cinema 4D dropped the support of 32 Bit versions and Melange subsequently followed. I guess for professional applications the 32 Bit platform is simply no longer relevant.

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You could still use the Melange 6 (Cinema4D R14) which contains the 32bit libraries even for newer Cinema4D versions. You will still be able to read these higher file versions and your exported files can be read by any Cinema4D release (>=R12).

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S_Bach and Rodnoc,

Thanks for the response.
I'll try to get it to work with Melange 6.