Character object handles

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I'm trying to improve my piton script knowledge.
Is there a way to retrieve a list of all character object handles?

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the Character object does not provide a dedicated API so there might be certain tasks that cannot be done in Python. Can you tell us what exactly you mean with "character object handles"?

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I mean this:

_<_img src="" height="563" width="435" border="0" /_>_

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the "Objects" parameter of this "Character Component" tag is just an ordinary InExclude parameter. You can access it like any other parameter. The returned data is InExcludeData.

# access "Object" parameter on the Component tag  
# get number of elements in list  
count = data.GetObjectCount()  
# loop list  
for i in xrange(count) :  
  # get element at the given index  
  obj = data.ObjectFromIndex(doc, i)  

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Hi Sebastian,

thank you very much for your help.