Orienting and IRR

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I've occasioanly found this request forum and it will be glad if you read my suggestions.
1. I usually get into the situation where I need one object to be snapped to another in special way.
Simple example is getting the objects from this state;
to this state:

I have been previously working in Rhino and it has one nice tool called "Orient by 3 points".
Here is a vivid example of using it: 

Yesterday I've stuck once again with the same situation while preparing some models for printing so I decided to write here.

2. The second thing is rendering via Vray.
It would be cool if Copy from IRR button was automated.
While preparing textures I always do multiple shots of a small scene part to compare them later (so IRR itself is not an option for me), so every time I change camera or I change the resolution of a render I always have to refresh Copy from IRR. Moreover this button is always hidden and its rather annoying.

So thank you for reading this, may be someone can write a plugin of kind of.
Thank you for attention.

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welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a few thoughts:

On #1: I'm not hundred percent sure, but I think, the Parametric Toolkit can do things like this. May worth checking it out.

On #2: I'm not quite sure I understand this request. I definitely can't say anything about Vray, but why the need to copy from IRR? Couldn't you just use different cameras maybe in combination with the Take System?

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I dont know if its apropriate thing to up a thread in this forum, but I'll try.
but first of all I totally forgot to thank Andreas for his answer.

Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

Just a few thoughts:

thank you

and I'd like to add some cases to prove, that this (

) tool could be really handy.

1. recently I've tried to print out a small V8 engine model from thingiverse.com (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1195361) and realized, that I want to try to print shafts not like this

but like this

just to see if the result is going to be decent quality
so trying to get this model stand perfectly on the floor was really challenging

2. for example there are a bunch of things I've modeled for an interior

and I need to place each in different places and poses, like this

and I want to be for 100% sure that they thouch different surfaces correctly.

so this Rhinoceros "orient tool" could be popular among c4d users and may be some coding magicians around here can do something about that.