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Hi everyone.

I'm in the midst of a complex UserData setup and I'm dynamically managing the gui. I'm trying to find a simple way to remove a group and/or it's children.

At the moment I'm looking at storing all of the IDs of both the groups and the UserData float sliders etc in arrays. But it's starting to get a bit complex and 3 levels of nested dynamic UserData which can be altered at all levels and groups for formatting is getting a bit :dizzy_face:.

But keeping it a bit more simple :

My question is. If I have the DescID of a group (say Group_02 in the image), is it possible to get the DescIDs of the children (Data_03 & Data_04 in the image) without recursing the whole UserDataContainer (Or without my own stored information)? Is this data even stored anywhere? Or does a UserData BaseContainer only have the data of the parent available?

by calling :


I can get the parent group DescID. I've been rumaging around looking at the flags and can see things like DESC_CHILDREN and DESC_CHILDS but I think they must be used for something else as they return None.

I guess I can store the IDs in the group BaseContainer when I create the UserData entries myself but I'd only do that if there was not already another way.

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indeed it seems that it is only possible to get the child elements of a description group by browsing all elements and checking the DESC_PARENTGROUP parameter.

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Ok thanks for confirming that. I'll store them myself in the container with my own ID instead.