Saving a list into the c4d-file

On 21/06/2016 at 02:08, xxxxxxxx wrote:


I've got some troubles storing the data of a csv-file into the c4d-file, so that the data will still exist even if I send the scene to the renderfarm. I thought of pushing the data into a textfield in the userdata, but that is then of course a string.

Has anybody got an idea on how this can be achieved?

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Hi TF,

this depends a bit on your scenario.
Are you working with just a script (in ScriptManager)? Or are you working in some of the scriptable objects (Python Generator, Python Tag, ...)? Or do you have some kind of plugin?
And also what kind of data do you have their and does it need to be presented to the user in some way? I guess, you already parsed the csv, so storing into a string would cause the need to parse it again?

In general you could store a list of arbitrary data into a BaseContainer. This container could then easily be stored with a scene file. How and where depends on the answer of my questions above.

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Hi Andreas,

I am using the csv-parser in a python-tag. When the script is running the code checks if the csv-list has got any entries and if so, it doesn't (re)load its content until you press the button to reload it.

Anyway.... when I open the document, the code will of course have no entries in the list-object and will try to load its content. That will be fine here with me, but when I sent it to the farm the content will of course be lost.

I have a list of names that should be set as a group name and into a MoText-object for every frame.