Value Driven Effector not updating? [SOLVED]

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Maybe in a MessageData plugin?

Cactus Dan

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Thanks Dan first of all!
I rather not want to create a plugin to update a plugin though.

I mean the random mograph effector for example, it updates automatically each frame. I don't think C4D is updating this from the outside? So there must be an "internal" way of saying "do update!".

I could detect temporal changes manually, so is it for example safe to just set my effector dirty?
I would assume that AddEffectorDependence() is doing this when the linked object is dirty (but it would help to know from where e.g. InitPoints() is called in the first place).


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What about the Execute() function?

Cactus Dan

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Can you elaborate? Not sure I understand. Is it called per frame only?

I was going from the noiseeffector example ( in the SDK (which does not use the Execute function but it does not require per frame updates).

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No, but you could check to see if the frame has changed within the Execute function. :wink:

Cactus Dan

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thanks Dan. :) However I am not sure if it is the right place because Execute() is called in a thread context.
And MoGraph uses the message system to execute the virtual functions it provides, so the question is, can it result in Execute() being called before the mograph function calls?

Anyway, thanks to your pointer to the Execute() member I found ExecuteEffector() which is called first in the effector pipeline according to the docs. This seems like a valid place I guess.


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I think CheckDirty() is also called for Effector plugins, and if you set your effector dirty, it should be re-evaluated.


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Now this is of course even better! You are right, it can be overloaded for Effectors (I checked the API). Thanks Niklas!

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there is the flag EFFECTORFLAGS_TIMEDEPENDENT that might be used in such cases.

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Thanks Sebastian. Excellent. Guess this is more than solved now. :)