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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 demo 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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I'm porting LWCAD not only to Cinema4D. So I need as much uniform API for GUI as possible.

I managed to create preview of LWCAD mesh rendered by OpenGL into off-screen surface and put it into custom GeUserArea. The problem is Cinema sometimes probably calls it's own rendering in parallel thead while calling GeUserArea::DrawMsg and that conflicts with my OpenGL rendering context.

It is possible to prevent parallel rendering of GUI controls? Or something like enable OpenGL compatibility for UserArea?

Thank you in advance.

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the Cinema 4D API encapsulates any low level functionality so it can work on all supported operation systems. This allows to use the same code without changes. But this also has the effect that the API does not support any low level code, including anything related to OpenGL.

Doing any OpenGL operation outside of the viewport drawing pipeline is not officially supported. There is no "OpenGL compatibility" mode for anything.

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Thank you, I thought so. I just hoped that there is a way.