Load/Save Materials [SOLVED]

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Part of my current project will involve loading and saving of Presets.  The Presets will include material information associated with the current settings. Instead of just saving out particular channel settings and texture images (to be reconstructed and possibly missing user-set information), it would be better to save actual materials.  And I realize that C4D can save and load materials using the Material Manager but there doesn't appear to be any API support.  The material 'files' themselves would be referenced by the Preset file (by relative path).

What suggestions do you have?

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You could just create a basedocument, insert the material and save that document (with only the material in it) I guess.

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That might be the only satisfactory solution.  Appears as if the file saved from the Material Manager is a .c4d document file though it doesn't include the extension.

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the "Save Materials as..." function indeed just saves a BaseDocument containing the materials. This should be easily reproducible with the API.

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Thanks, Sebastian and Samir.  You can mark this as 'SOLVED'. :slightly_smiling_face: