Setting preferences

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I like to set various preferences.
Where can I find an overview of all preference containers and constants?

For example:
- openGL Anti-Alias does not have a dedicated container (uses GetWorldContainerInstance directly) and uses constant WPREF_OPENGL_ANTIALIAS

    pref = c4d.GetWorldContainerInstance() #preferenses
    pref[c4d.WPREF_OPENGL_ANTIALIAS] = 2 

- Net Render Name uses the PREFS_PRI_NET net render subcontainer and constant PREF_NAME

  np = ma[c4d.PREFS_PRI_NET]  # get the net render sub-container

  np[c4d.PREF_NAME] = "NewName"

  ma[c4d.PREFS_PRI_NET] = np  # store the changed container to preferences

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I'm afraid there is no list of all preferences. The preference system can be extended using the C++ API so every module can add new preferences independently. So if you are interested in the preferences of some module you have to consult the resource files of that module.

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Ok, clear.
Thanks, Pim