Scripting Physical renderer settings [SOLVED]

On 04/05/2016 at 11:39, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm looking to integrate physical renderer settings into a pipelined scene setup routine, and I'm not able to find any documentation on the subject anywhere.

The specific settings i'm looking to modify are the Sampler ("Adaptive"), Sampling Quality ("Automatic") and the Shading Error Threshold ("1%").

I've checked the Python and C++ documentation, and done a deep search in the modules folder for any .h file that might point to these values, but I've come up dry.

Does anyone know if it's possible to modify these settings as part of a script?


On 04/05/2016 at 11:55, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Nevermind -- figured it out.

For future googlers -- look for the XMBSampler module.