ScaleIt returns all black

On 28/04/2016 at 03:10, xxxxxxxx wrote:

User Information:
Cinema 4D Version:   15 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;

I am trying to convert a 32 bits file with resolution 4000x2000 to a 8 bits file with resolution 1200x600.
It always returns a file with black contents.
The input file is correct. I see it correctly in the preview window.

	AutoAlloc<BaseBitmap> outFile;
	outFile->Init(4000,2000, 24);
	.... outFile is created
	AutoAlloc<BaseBitmap> demoFile;
	demoFile->Init(1200, 600, 8);
	outFile->ScaleIt(demoFile, 256, true, false);
	res = demoFile->Save(demoLocation, FILTER_JPG, nullptr, SAVEBIT_0);
	if (res != IMAGERESULT_OK)
		GePrint("Error saving DEMO file: " + demoLocation.GetString());

On 28/04/2016 at 06:19, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Pim,

INITBITMAPFLAGS_GRAYSCALE has to be passed to Init() (4th argument INITBITMAPFLAGSflags) for 8 bits bitmaps.

On 28/04/2016 at 12:28, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks Yannick, I will give a try and report back.

Yes, it works. Thanks.