Combined Description function

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I know I saw it somewhere in the sdk docs. I think it was a static function. It allowed to get a combined Description of several objects the same way C4D does it in the AM when objects are multiselected. I just cannot find it. Does somebody know the function I am talking about?

Thanks iA

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Hi Samir,
I think, the keyword in this case is tristate.

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Hi Andreas,

thanks for answering first of all but that's actually not what I am looking for.
The function I am talking about uses the Description of one node and combines it with another node's description. (i.e. as a result showing all tabs of the two selected object's description in the AM).

As stated it was definetly a single function which returned this merged state in a single Description and I am pretty sure I saw it in the docs once (I told myself to remember this as it may come in handy...but of course I didn't. Just that I saw it..).

Btw. it could well be that it took an AtomArray of baselist2d's or so to return the merged Description.
Of course I could do it manually as well but I would like to save myself from the hassle if there is already an sdk function doing it.

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Hi Samir,

sorry, I misunderstood your request. Unfortunately we are not aware of a function providing such functionality. Could it be you are confusing this with some functionality of the description CustomGUI?

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Hmm, not really. I remember that the text was like "this will give you a combined description just as Cinema 4D does in the AM", that's why it was so strong in my mind.

But thanks, I will simply do it manually then.