GVO and tool input

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I have an object plugin with spline child input but I would like it to only evaluate my code in GVO if the user is not moving or editing the spline's vertices. What is the correct way to do this and is this valid at all?


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Hello Samir,

I guess, you'd like to speed up user interaction by not updating your generated object. While you could check for example the dirty state of the spline child, you will run into problems, as this somewhat contradicts Cinema's event system. The most obvious problem will be, that there won't be an event, when the user finishes modifying the spline. So your GVO won't be called and you won't get a chance to finally update your object.
There may be dirty workarounds for this situation, but I'd rather not suggest these as an official solution. Sorry.

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Thanks Andreas.

I have an alternative up my sleeve already but thought I'd check first (would have meant much less work).