ShowBitmap takes focus on windows

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Cinema 4D Version:   17 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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If I make a call to the method

Bool ShowBitmap(BaseBitmap* bm)

then it shows the Picture Viewer with the image but it also assigns focus to the picture viewer.

It will even do this if you already have the picture viewer up.

This is extremely disrupting if you wish to use this function for displaying renders.

Right now I have a render happening on a second monitor and am displaying the images using ShowBitmap. But each time it does this it takes away focus from my text editor, or website I am typing in (like this one).

It would be great if you could either stop the picture viewer from taking focus or add flags to the method to allow users to specify what they would like to occur:



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I don't think the current behavior is a bug. This is just how it currently works. But thanks for your suggestions, we will add them to our internal database.

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Hey Sebastian,

Yeah, wasn't sure where to stick this. Would be nice to have a Feature Request section on the cafe for the odd thing like this. Requests for more documentation on specific things, tutorials on subjects and also SDK additions like this one.