GeSortAndSearchEx? [SOLVED]

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Quick question here on GeSortAndSearch: It is now legacy (deprecated).  Did anything replace it or is there a better alternative?

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nowadays one should use the class BaseSort.

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Thanks, Sebastian.  Change of use from GeSortAndSearch to BaseSort is not mentioned in the documentation.

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Hi Robert,

yes, we realized this lack of information as well. Terribly sorry.
The good thing is, we already have been working on processes to improve the information flow and get a better coverage of API changes. Not saying, we can guarantee a hundred percent, yet, but we'll definitely improve in the future. Bad on the other hand is, we won't have the time to correct these failures for past SDKs.

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No problem.  GeSortAndSearchEx worked (it was an older source code being re-purposed) but I have made note of BaseSort for future use. :thumbsup: