Calling RenderDocument Multiple Times setup once

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Cinema 4D Version:   17 
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Each time I call RenderDocument it goes through a setup phase before it starts rendering. Is it possible to have this setup step occur only once and then for each next call to RenderDocument have it skip this step and just render?

There could be setup phases such as creating any acceleration data structures, hair setup, GI etc...

For instance if I was to move a camera manually in the scene and call RenderDocument to render a "frame" for each position then it would be great if any setup phase only occurs on the very first call to RenderDocument and not on any of the following calls.

Or another example is you might want to render the same scene from multiple cameras, but only have the setup phase happen the first camera that you render.

Maybe there is some flag I can set or some other call I can make before RenderDocument?

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I don't think there is a way to achieve what you want. RenderDocument() is – well – a function. When it ends all internal data is released. When rending finished all rendering related internal data is freed. There is no way to tell the renderer that it should continue after a pause; there is no concept  of a "paused" rendering.

You can of course configure the render settings so that effects like GI use a cache file. But some acceleration structures may depend on the camera position so they have to be re-calcluated for every render job.

If you want to render a scene with multiple cameras (and the scene is not animated) you could simply animate the camera (or animate a Stage object).

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Hi Sebastian,

I didn't think there would be, but was worth checking in case I missed something.

Perhaps a good feature request would be to add a 2 function to allow for this.

StartBatchRender(Basedocument *doc,...);
EndBatchRender(Basedocument *doc,...);

StartBatchRender would initialize everything required for rendering that document using the currently set camera.

Then calls to RenderDocument can be made. If the camera changes, or moves and requires recalculation, or something else happens that requires things to be rebuilt, then it will recalculate those. But if the camera move does not affect anything then it can just start rendering.

Finally call EndBatchRender to free up any caches created.

This would allow for some complex rendering solutions where you want to render multiple camera angles or locations within an already defined animated file. IE You could render frame 1 from many different locations before moving onto frame 2.


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thanks for your suggestions. We will add it to our internal database so our developers can evaluate the ideas.

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