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I've been working on a ray tracer that runs on OpenCL devices. It is my first ray tracer: it is nothing special, but it's a good base for anyone who would want to experiment. The scene exporting is minimal and I have only tested it on one scene (included in the package).

Source code is completely open, not licensed. I've only done the Windows 10 build process.

If anyone wants to contribute by porting to OSX, improving the exporting of the scene or making the ray tracer better, I could lend a hand. If you want to modify the code for your own project or need some OpenCL advice, I might also be available. Please send me a note:
[email protected]

So for Windows, you can download opencl_render and unzip the directory at the usual plugin location:
MAXON/CINEMA 4D R17/plugins/

Having OpenCL drivers installed is highly recommended. The binary is already provided, but you can compile it with Visual Studio (if you have express, you need 64-bit libraries). For info on how to make this work, don't hesitate to send me questions.

Here is what it looks like inside Cinema4d:

First test on my laptop is to render my test scene (600,000 triangles) on CPU (the GPU on my laptop isn't good enough). The image will be 1024x768, with 50 sampling per pixel. Generation took 1h37m on laptop (i5-4200U CPU) and 20 minutes on my i7-920 desktop.

Now, this OpenCL code can be transformed into distributed ray tracing very easily by installing platform devices on the machine. The project is still beta, but results can be shown. This platform is meant to share computers through OpenCL drivers. You can either lend your computer to others, making a revenue, or you can rent other people computers. Selecting "" platform with "All Processing Units 4GB" device, I'm able to distribute the code on every OpenCL 1.2 devices on the network, CPU and GPU. For the sake of size, I'll keep my image 1024x768, but I sample 5000 times per pixel instead. Generating this image would have taken 150 hours on my laptop. It can be done on the network for less than 25 cents and 2 hours.

My goal is not to create a commercial quality renderer, but I'm available to help anyone that is interested in distributed OpenCL computation.


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welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

In the name of our community I'd like to say thank you very much. This is a very generous step and I'm pretty sure, quite a bunch of developers will take a look.