How to get Effectors [SOLVED]

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    I use Melange in order to read Cinema4D files. Everything is kind of OK so far.
    Now I've got a file with Linear Cloner Object.
    It has an Effector, which is Spline and Cloner works differently... of course.

    Question is: How to retrieve list of effectors for any object in scene?


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    Hello and welcome,

    Not every object in a Cinema 4D scene has assigned effectors. Only MoGraph generators are linked to MoGraph effectors. When you look at a Cinema 4D scene you see that these effectors are linked using an InExclude list on the MoGraph cloner object.

    So to get the effectors that are assigned to a specific cloner you have to read that parameter to obtain that InExclude list. Such a list is stored in form of the InExcludeData data type.

    // check if the object is a MoGraph cloner  
      printf("Found a MoGraph Cloner object\n");  
      GeData data;  
      if(object->GetParameter(DescLevel(2009), data))  
      InExcludeData* effectorList = (InExcludeData* )data.GetCustomDataType(CUSTOMDATATYPE_INEXCLUDE_LIST);  
        const Int32 count = effectorList->GetObjectCount();  
        for (Int32 i = 0; i < count; ++i)  
          BaseList2D* linkedObject = effectorList->ObjectFromIndex(loadedDoc, i);  
          // custom function to print the object name  

    best wishes,

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    Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you very much - I've been expecting something like that.
    It works, at least I can get object :).


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