SNHook and direct activation via startup dialog

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Hi there,

we currently use SNHook to license a plugin and want to add a way to obtain a license through an online activation step instead of mail communication. Currently the plugin is installed and the user has no serial. He get's a message about a wrong or missing serial, has to click cancel and then find our activation item in the plugin menu. This is a step that many people find confusing so we thought about allowing the user to use the online activation right when the SNHook checks the license code (from within SNHookClass::SNCheck()).

I have tried opening a dialog box at that time and it seems to work, but I wanted to know whether that is something I can rely on and what an official opinion by MAXON would be on such a behavior. Has anybody tried this and can comment or does anybody from MAXON like to comment whether this is OK?


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Hi Timm,

I'm sorry this is taking so long. I forwarded your request to development, but I'm still waiting for an answer. Just wanted to let you know, you are not forgotten.