RPC Plug_in ?

On 21/03/2016 at 04:02, xxxxxxxx wrote:

We are planning to switch into a new rendering and animation software, as we are not very satisfied with our current one - Art*lantis Render, a plug-in for ArchiCAD . We still think of keeping ArchiCAD as main model tool and to import the model.
We are considering two options: 3D Max 5 or Cinema4D.
Our main concern is to make the back and forth process between ArchiCAD and the Renderer as easy as possible. We already found a Plug-in for Max.
The other basic point is the reallistic looking landscape( trees, shrubs and Flowers), as well as moving people and cars. Do you think, that there will be a RPC Plug-in for Cimema4D in the near future?
Please comment the Cons and Pros of Cinema4D.
Thank you in advance